Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 4 of the P.U.P.P.Y. Project

Certainly a more quiet night without the puppies, but we spent a lot of the night wondering how the pups were getting along with their new families.  Ginger, the mom spent a good part of the time sleeping and didn't seem very interested in eating.  So we took her to Doctor Bob in Sosua to see what we could do.  He provided us with a few meds including an appetite enhancer that is given to children who are not eating.  Debbie plans to be a gourmet cook for the next week or so and try to fatten Ginger up.  She is very lethargic and we aren't sure she is going to make it.

Today turned out to be construction day.  We had promised the families that adopted the puppies that we would provide them with kennels for the dogs.  Unfortunately, Judy at the Humane Society of Sosua AAAS had all of hers being used and so we didn't having anything to give to the families.  Debbie likes to build things and so we decided we would just build our own little dog houses.  In the U.S. Debbie has done a few rehab projects on foreclosed homes, fixing them up to sell so she thought this would be a breeze.

We figured out that we could build one house out of one 4X8 piece of plywood and so after a quick trip to the hardware store the construction process began.  Our caretaker Cabo joined in and soon the saw dust was flying.
It took about an hour per house, but it was a labor of love.
Now it was time to introduce the puppies to their new homes!!!

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