Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 5 of the P.U.P.P.Y. PROJECT

We got a fairly good nights sleep without yelping puppies making noises through the night so we woke hoping to get the mom, Ginger, motivated to eat and to check on how the puppies were doing in their new homes.  We made a short visit to each puppies home and learned the new names of our 5 little girls.  Some names were inventive others not so much. 

The White Puppy went to a Dominican Family consisting of a mother and her small child.  The young girl seemed enamored with her new puppy which they had named Blanca.

Each puppy had a distincly different color and the tan puppy with the short stubby legs went to a local family who decided to name her Maluna. Maluna with her dog house shown below.

The blackish/brown puppy went to a local family from our village of Boca de Yasica and was being kept in a compound between a number of the family's house and they named this puppy Poota.  I'm not sure if they thought it funny or practical, but the name actually means "whore" in Dominican.

Another family that had a compound of houses (shacks) took the brown puppy.  We think their intention is to have the puppy as their security and friend for all the related families that live there.  To you show you the strength of the 60's T.V. show and the effect of American Culture down here they named her Lassie.

Finally, the black puppy with the little white crest on its chest went to a Dominican family that lives immediately next door to us.  It is a young couple with a couple of children always around that they care for.  After several attempts to figure out what they named the puppy, the best we could understand was Cheezpita.  So Debbie and I ended up giving that puppy the nickname "Cheese Pizza".  Cheese Pizza and her dog house are pictured below.

All families and puppies seemed to be adjusting to each other.  Although I think our neighbors were having a hard time working through Cheese Pizza's yelping when she wasn't getting atention.

So back home and 4 times a day feeding Ginger chicken broth, rice, hard boiled eggs, and whatever we could to get her to eat.  She does seem slightly more active today after being able to get some sleep and not having 5 puppies hanging on her.  Medicines supplied by Dr. Bob continue to be introduced to her system and hopefully they will start to take hold.

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