Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 6 and 7 of the P.U.P.P.Y Project

The next two days were filled with feeding Ginger, the mom, as much as we could.  Her appetite doesn't seem to be improving much, but she does eat a little bit several times a day.  We are hoping some new wormer medicine will help.  She is starting to acclimate with our other dogs (2 U.S. dogs and 2 Dominican Rescued Dogs).  However, she as the only other female to our West Highland Terrier (or terrorer as we call her) tends rub our Westie named Calie the wrong way.  Calie who is about half her size has her cowering in the corner on occasion.  Our hope is with time they will become friends.  Part of our daily routine is to walk our dogs on the beach in front of our house and so in an effort to get all the dogs to bond we have been taking Ginger on short walks with the others.  She seems to enjoy the walks and hopefully they will bring up her energy level.

We decided a week after finding the puppies to have a little bit of a reunion so that they could get to see each other once again.  It was interesting at this point, Ginger the mom had absolutely no interest in her puppies. 

So one week after finding the puppies, all had medicine, all had new homes, and all hopefully had loving families that would learn how to take care of them.  We new the next few weeks would be fun as we watched the puppies grow.  Now to get Ginger happy and find her a home!

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