Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weeks 2 to 5 of the P.U.P.P.Y. Project

The following weeks of the P.U.P.P.Y. Project involved occasional visits to the puppies.  There were also occasional visits from the puppies to us if their owners were having some type of medical issue with their dog.  We were able to take care of most of these issues by providing the puppies with wormer or giving them some ivermectin which is a great medicine that takes care of fleas and ticks.  On just a couple of occasions we took a puppy in to see Dr. Bob at his vet clinic in Sosua for some different wormer or some medicine for Gastritis.  Ivermectin was then given monthly to each puppy to keep the fleas and ticks away.

All the puppies seemed to eventually get very healthy with no skin issues, except for Blanca.  Blanca being all white except for her brown ears is susceptible to sun burn and we continue to work with her to try to get her skin healthy.

And what about the mom, Ginger?  Slowly but surely she came around with some help every once in a while from Dr. Bob.  She gained weight and now is a very healthy dog.  She is a real sweet heart and thinks she is an inside dog.  She will open our screen door when we aren't looking and sneak in quietly and lay down by the side of the couch out of sight.  She thinks she is pulling one over on us. 

She does truly have a fantastic temperment and seems to just be appreciative to have food and a home.  She is very friendly and a very relaxed dog.  We are still trying to find a home for her so if anyone has an interest let me know.

Click on the link above if you would like to see a video of Ginger walking with the rest of our dogs on the beach.  She does well with other dogs and people.  Ginger is the dog on the left then  is surrounded by our dogs and some other local dogs when it is treat time. MAKE SURE TO CLICK OLDER POSTS BELOW TO FINISH OUT THE STORY OF THE PUPPIES INCLUDING THEIR SURGERY DAY.

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